Selected Research on Camelid Immunology
Pictorial guide to traditional management husbandry and diseases of the one humped camel
Camel Biodiversity - Camel Phenotypes in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
The Lactoperoxidase System: Shelf-life and Fermentation of Camel Milk
Dromedary Camel Meat: Composition, Quality and Histochemistry of the Arabian Camel (Camelus Dromedaries) Muscles
Book: Camel Meat and Meat Products
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Visit of the Executive Committee Members of ISOCARD to Kazakhstan, 2014
• The World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Reproduction 11-16, 2018), Auckland, New Zealand.
• The 2018 Annual Conference of the International Committee for Animal Recording 7-11, 2018, Auckland, New Zealand