Journal of Camelid Science
Volume 3, 2010, page: 6-18 - Published: 4th October 2014
2. Coexistence between camels and wild animals Mohsen Chammem, Touhami Khorchani, Slaheddine Selmi and Said Nouira
Volume 3, 2010, page: 1-5 - Published: 4th October 2014
1. Challenges of Camel Production in Samburu District, Kenya Joshua Orungo Onono, William Okelo Ogara, Samuel Oyieke Okuthe, Johnson Gitahi Nduhiu, Alfred Omwando Mainga and Dorcus Nduati    
Volume 3, 2010. Editorial - Published: 4th October 2014
Camelid Health Research Murray E. Fowler
Volume 3, 2010. A letter from the Editor - Published: 4th October 2014
A letter from the Editor: Dear members of ISOCARD  Rafat Al Jassim  Editor-in-Chief
Volume 2, 2009, Editorial 2 - Published: 4th October 2014
Camels Nutrition, addressing the future Rafat Al Jassim 
Volume 2, 2009 / Editorial 1 - Published: 4th October 2014
Camelid genomics: Anticipating the future Warren E. Johnson, Polina Perelman, and Stephen J. O’Brien
Volume 2, 2009, page: 50-52 - Published: 4th October 2014
7. Anencephaly in a second trimester camel foetus in Sokoto, Nigeria: a case report Sonfada M. L. , Shehu S. A. , Umar A. A. and Onyeanusi B. I.
Volume 2, 2009, page: 41-49 - Published: 4th October 2014
6. Ivermectin concentrations in serum and cerebrospinal fluid after intravenous administration to healthy Llamas Van Amstel S. R., Portmann A. B., Doherty T. J, Newman S. J, Yarbrough J. W and Cox S.
Volume 2, 2009, page: 30-40 - Published: 4th October 2014
5. Effect of low voltage electrical stimulation and splitting the carcass on histochemical and meat quality characteristics of Longissimus thoracis muscle from the one-humped camel (Camelus dromedarius)  Kadim I. T. , Mahgoub O., Al-Marzooqi O. W., Khalaf S. K.
Volume 2, 2009, page: 26-29 - Published: 4th October 2014
4. The aerobic bacterial population of the respiratory passageways of healthy dromedaries in Najaf-abbad abattoir, central Iran  Azizollah E., Bentol-hoda M. and Razieh K. 
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