Journal of Camelid Science
Volume 6, 2013. A letter from the Editor - Published: 4th October 2014
A letter from the Editor: Rafat Al Jassim, Editor-in-Chief
Volume 5, 2012, page: 118-121 - Published: 4th October 2014
Case Report 8. An unusual dystocia in an Arabian camel with uterine prolapse: a case report S. Anwar and G. N. Purohit
Volume 5, 2012, page: 105-117 - Published: 4th October 2014
7. Effect of the prevalence of ectoparasites in the behavioural patterns of wild vicunas (Vicugna vicugna). Y. Arzamendia, L. E. Neder, G. Marcoppido, F. Ortiz, M. Arce, H. E. Lamas and B. L.Vilá
Volume 5, 2012, page: 99-104 - Published: 4th October 2014
6. Phenotypic and genotypic characteristics of Trueperella (Arcanobacterium) pyogenes isolated from lung abscesses of one-humped camels (Camelus dromedarius) in Jordan Y. Al-Tarazi, M. Hijazin, J. Alber, C. Lämmler, A. A. Hassan, M. Timke, M. Kostrzewa, E. Prenger-Berninghoff and M. Zschöck 
Volume 5, 2012, page: 82-98 - Published: 4th October 2014
5. Isolation and characterization of lactic acid bacteria from Ititu: Ethiopian traditional fermented camel milk E. Seifu, A. Abraham, M. Y. Kurtu1 and Z. Yilma
Volume 5, 2012, page: 62-81 - Published: 4th October 2014
4. Effect of enzyme treatment and mechanical removal of alpaca (Vicugna pacos) seminal plasma on sperm functional integrity K. M. Morton, Z. Gibb, T. Leahy and W. M. C. Maxwell
Volume 5, 2012, page: 41-61 - Published: 4th October 2014
3. Analysis of an emerging peri-urban camel production in Isiolo County, Northern Kenya I. M. Noor, B. O. Bebe and A. Y. Guliye
Volume 5, 2012, page: 25-40 - Published: 4th October 2014
Invited Reviews 2. Developing new technology for measuring camelid meat quality H. J. Swatland
Volume 5, 2012, page: 1-24 - Published: 4th October 2014
Invited Reviews 1. South American camelids – past, present and future J. C. Wheeler
Volume 5, 2012. A letter from the Editor - Published: 4th October 2014
A letter from the Editor: Rafat Al Jassim, Editor-in-Chief
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