Journal of Camelid Science
Volume 9 2016, 23-34 Marcoppido et al. - Published: 24th December 2016
Volume 9 2016, 1-22 Alary and Faye - Published: 24th December 2016
Volume 9 2016 A letter from the editor - Published: 24th December 2016
Volume 9 2016 Table of contents - Published: 24th December 2016
About - Published: 4th March 2016
About The Journal of Camelid Science (JCS) is the official journal of the International Society of Camelid Research and Development (ISOCARD). It is the leading peer-reviewed camelid research. JCS releases one issue a year and publishes invited reviews, original research papers, short communications,…
EDITORIAL TEAM - Published: 4th March 2016
Editorial Board   Editor-in-Chief Rafat Al Jassim, BSc, MSc, PhDNutrition Biochemist & Gut MicrobiologistHonorary Principal Research FellowQueensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation (QAAFI)The University of Queensland, AustraliaEmail:   Associate Editor …
Volume 8, 2015, page: 37-45:Pathetic story of a camel skeleton - Published: 20th January 2016
Abstract A reconstituted skeleton from cleaned bones obtained from an abandoned camel carcass, showed calluses of 18 healed (13 complete and 5 incomplete) fractures at the following sites: I) Seven complete rib-shaft fractures: above their sternal ends. II) Four complete lumbar vertebrae spine fractures.…
Volume 8, 2015, page: 33-36: Opportunities and contests of modern camel dairying - Published: 20th January 2016
Abstract The onset of the 21st century opened new prospects for camel milk and the sentience of camel dairies arose and was initiated practically. Many modern camel dairies (intensive camel farming) were established (especially in Arabian Peninsula) with high initial investment. Such models ensured…
Volume 8, 2015, page: 26-32:Camel wrestling in Turkey - Published: 20th January 2016
Abstract During thousands of years of Turkish History, camels were always important in their life. In the past camels were used as transport, pack, ride, war, food, and sport animal by Turks. After industrialization and modernization since 20th century, camel lost their importance and nowadays they…
Volume 8, 2015, page: 18-25: Camel milk cheese: optimization of processing conditions - Published: 20th January 2016
Abstract Making cheese from camel milk is considered to be a difficult task. A study was conducted to optimize the processing conditions (temperature, pH, CaCl2 and the addition of buffalo milk) for the production of camel milk cheese (CMC). In the preliminary trials, the heating temperature of 65 C…
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